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Jensen Strikes Back is the story of a man who took way longer than he should have to realize that he's in love with his best friend Valdez. Too long, in fact.

Jensen Strikes Back is also a fast-paced action platformer with tight controls and satisfying evil robot-destroying combat, featuring a variety of weapons and a variety of levels with unique challenges. Fight through a world overtaken by a mechanical army while also working out your own complicated feelings.

Welcome to Jensen Strikes Back, and please read the information below.


Are you looking to stream the game? Let me know! I'd love to watch.

Email me at minimacrodx@gmail.com, or message me on Discord at Quack Man™#0172, if you have any questions. I'm always up to chat.


Jensen Strikes Back and all related assets are property of MiniMacro Sound, 2022. Any similarity to real events, people, or other fictional works is coincidental.


The game is free to download, but do consider paying for it if you have the ability to. Most importantly, I hope you enjoy the game. And finally, the soundtrack is coming soon.

Updated 28 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMiniMacro Sound
GenreAction, Platformer
TagsLGBT, LGBTQIA, Romance


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I was not expecting this game to take the turn it took.

It is a good. Good music, fun stages and good writing. (The stages look gorgeous.)

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As a tester for this game I can't recommend it enough. Absolutely wonderful action gameplay with a great variety of set-pieces, really cool bosses, beautiful beyond beautiful art design, very nice writing, etc, etc. This may look like a Contra-like, but it's a game with its very own design ideals and structure that make it a truly unique creation. Great stuff. There are also Romans in it. Happy freakin' pride month

So that I actually get responses this time around, what was your favorite song in the game?

my personal favorite is the first song that plays in stage 3

also after playing the whole game through, this game is REALLY good btw

Due to my headphones not working so well I could not hear the game’s soundtrack much, I’d say my favorite is the Third Boss Theme (The One that plays during the STEEL GUARDIAN II fight.)

Then there’s the entire music collection to the final level, all the Acts have amazing tracks.